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Proven success with CXO Collective

The following business cases represent over a decade worth of engagements with business owners needing management talent or an infusement of capital. We invite you to read through our current subset and revisit this page frequently as we update the list with new business cases in the coming months.

Company: C & J exploration 2005-2009

Problem: C & J acquired a property to be developed. The company needed $2mm to develop the property. The executive team had raised a significant amount of money to get it operational. A new capital source was required to continue operations.

Solution: Leveraging his deep network, Cowan reached out to past relationships and identified individuals who had clients suitable for this level of investment. Cowan successfully raised the capital and partnered with them to drill the well. Cowan also leveraged his strong professional associations to identify experienced personnel to accomplish the task.

Outcome: Cowan successfully executed the drilling program and identified the best personnel to accomplish the exploration program in Oklahoma coordinating and managing over 100 personnel. This successful drilling operation resulted in an 18-month drilling program with 12 producing wells.

Company: 2012, Sept. Software-as-a-Service

Problem: Corbin worked with a successful entrepreneur to identify why his company was struggling to grow. After an essential discovery phase, it was clear that an individual within his team was preventing the corporation from reaching its goals. Corbin worked with the leadership for months, helping the leadership realize that the partnership structure was not fair or productive.

Solution: Corbin had a series of discussions to provide structural options around the Partnership so as to optimize the company’s opportunities for growth. Corbin also outlined the roadmap that allowed the partner to restructure and realize the company’s market potential.

Outcome: The client gained control of the company and rebranded the software product. The start-up was then able to re-launch the company, prepare for funding and develop their go-to-market strategy with success.