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As an experienced professional in their own right, consultants are always seeking out opportunities to develop business contacts and mutually beneficial relationships.

It is also critical to their longevity, in any practice, to continue their professional growth and capitalize on opportunities to gain knowledge in areas that enable them to provide greater competitive value.

The CXO Value

CXO Collective is a unique organization in that the founders provide members with opportunities to: develop business contacts for future consulting engagements, participate in educational events for professional growth, and enjoy unprecedented access to wealth building strategies.

CXO Collective selectively invites Seasoned C-level executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors to join its exclusive, international membership organization, and is always looking for new talent.

  • Engage with experienced professionals from over 20 disciplines in local Chapter meetings
  • Attend training courses by seasoned veterans in buying, building, and selling companies
  • Lead and/or participate in CXO Collective’s proprietary Breakthrough Sessions
  • Learn how to use your knowledge to help grow and sell companies to build personal wealth

Talented individuals from all over the country are committed to working with select companies to provide “Break-Through-Sessions” (“BTS”), which present execution plans that take a company to the next level of success.

CXO Collective gives each of the companies that it works with the opportunity to access needed capital, but more importantly, differentiates itself from many past private equity firm models by offering the capable talent and leadership within our membership who can partner with companies to ensure that they can execute their financial and strategic goals.

CXO Collective then makes resources available as needed for infrastructure, back-office support, financial guidance, target acquisitions, strategic alliances, systems, structure, processes, equity and debt capital, education, growth strategies, and the executive talent needed to successfully execute the action plans that the CXO Collective team has recommended.

To get involved, come to a local meeting and learn how you can grow your consulting practice and, or complete the membership application here.