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Investors are looking for well-vetted opportunities to grow their wealth. CXO Collective provides this hands-on opportunity through membership in one of our nationwide Chapters.

Once you join this organization, you are able to join the collective in personally guiding successful companies to overcome complex business obstacles, find appropriate levels of capital, and identify key personnel to help the organization reach its full potential.

Investors who join CXO Collective may or may not include; angel investors, private capital, and/or venture capital partners.

The Uniqueness of CXO Collective

The founders of CXO Collective were inspired to create this innovative model of private equity firm to help investors reduce their level of risk and actively participate in helping businesses grow that they personally care about.

Through this unique model, investors can review an opportunity with a membership team of experienced professionals in capital investment, corporate turn-arounds, executive transitions, succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, exit strategies, and over 20 other professional disciplines.

CXO Collective teams practice extraordinary due diligence in identifying companies that are in need of strong management, sound strategies, and a disciplined approach in defining short-term action plans that result in quantifiable outcomes.

CXO Collective then makes resources available as needed for infrastructure, back-office support, financial guidance, target acquisitions, strategic alliances, systems, structure, processes, equity and debt capital, education, growth strategies, and the executive talent needed to successfully execute the action plans that the CXO Collective team has recommended.

We encourage potential investors to reach out to our membership team to understand how you can participate today.