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What we bring to businesses

The CXO Collective’s talented pool of experts in over 20 disciplines nationwide are committed to working with select companies to provide “Break-Through-Sessions” (“BTS”), which present execution plans that take a company to the next level of success.

CXO Collective gives each of the companies that it works with the opportunity to access needed capital, and capable talent and leadership teams who can partner with companies to ensure that they can execute on their financial and strategic goals.

CXO Collective then makes resources available, as needed ,for infrastructure, back-office support, financial guidance, target acquisitions, strategic alliances, systems, structure, processes, equity and debt capital, education, growth strategies, and the executive talent needed to successfully execute the action plans that the CXO Collective team has recommended.

Our Clients

CXO Collective looks for select, early-stage, emerging growth, as well as developed businesses with untapped potential. It does so with the idea of creating a new generation of first-class companies and providing access to the financial and human capital that is needed to achieve new growth and sell at a healthy profit when it makes economic sense. Regardless of the situation, an exit or liquidity strategy is planned for 3-5 years.

Many of the companies participating in a BTS develop a great strategic partner in CXO Collective through a solid new “built-in” relationship, while others partner or sell all or part of their entities to CXO Collective. The BTS program has proved rewarding for all participants every time that it is presented.